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Airboat Rides Florida plant life

Airboat Rides Florida – Discover the Everglades Unique Plant Life

The Everglades is famous for its animal population, often conjuring images of alligators and other unusual creatures. However, the swamps and marshes of Florida also boast a unique plant life. Airboat rides Florida allows you to discover features of nature you might have never seen before. Between the common plants and the more endangered plant species, we look at some of the unique plant life the Everglades has to offer.   Discover Everglades trees with Airboat Rides Florida   The mangrove is one of the more […]

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Airboat tours Hollywood alligator babies

What wildlife can you expect from Airboat Tours Hollywood?

Airboat Tours Hollywood have a lot going for them. There won’t be a dull moment between the thrilling high-speed ride and the Everglades’ fantastic scenery. One of the aspects that keep bringing people to us is the wildlife itself and excellent reasons. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to come face-to-face with an alligator or crocodile. Yes, we said it, and we know a lot of you are expecting just that. The Everglades count many impressive and strange creatures. You’ve probably never seen them before […]

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Hollywood airboat tours

The best season for Hollywood Airboat Tours

Florida is well known for its hot weather and its humidity too. The temperature often influences when people decide to visit the Everglades. You will be pleased to know that Hollywood Airboat Tours occur during both the wet and dry seasons. However, it is up to you to decide which season works best for you. Some people prefer the dryer and cooler temperatures, while others go for the real Florida-feeling humidity. Let’s take a look at the wet and dry seasons, so you can decide […]

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Airboat Rides Hollywood facts you didn't know

Airboat Rides Hollywood Facts You Didn’t Know

We are passionate about the Everglades here at Airboat Rides Hollywood, and we want to share our knowledge of Florida’s most incredible nature reserve. There are so many facts to share and things to learn. You will discover a lot by booking a tour with us. But before you do that, we would like to share some facts you might not know about the Everglades. Learn more about why this is the best place to visit and take an airboat tour.   Fact#1 – Rare […]

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