Airboat Tours – Getting Ready For Your Ride

Preparing For Your Airboat Tour

Airboat tours are a lot of fun, but it does take some amount of preparation like any other good fun. Nothing too big or crazy, just some necessary items you will want to take with you. This article will guide you with what to take to be ready for your day out, from your clothing to essential accessories. Getting prepared for airboat rides Hollywood Florida is easy. Check our list, so you know you’re 100% ready to face the Everglades’ wildlife.


The Most Important Thing Is Clothing

You will want to take comfortable and practical clothes with you. During the Summer, you will be looking to take a t-shirt, some shorts, and maybe a windbreaker. For your feet, you will find sandals, flip-flops, or sneakers are perfectly fine. Wintertime requires more clothing as boat rides are windy after all. For winter, consider some long sleeves, jeans, and trainers, along with a windbreaker, to stay warm. Across all seasons, bring a poncho with you if the day looks a little humid; it will significantly help in rainy weather. Take simple clothes and avoid taking expensive jewelry with you.


Sunglasses For Better Visibility

We strongly recommend you take some polarized sunglasses with you, as these avoid glare. In other words, they offer excellent visibility. You will see more and won’t get blinded by the Florida sun, ultimately offering you a better experience that is also safer for your eyes.


Sunscreen Is Important

Florida’s sun can take a toll on your skin, so sunscreen is an absolute essential to bring along on your airboat tour. You don’t want to get burnt skin, and we don’t want that for you either. Use some sunscreen to enjoy your ride fully without having to worry about sunburns. It is all about staying safe; you deserve to have the best day out without any negatives.


Airboat Tours Love Bug Spray

Swamp areas and the Everglades, in general, have lots of bugs, and your best solution to avoid them is to use bug spray. No point getting bitten or even having to let insects distract you from that potential alligator sighting. A bug spray gives you that peace of mind and allows you to take your tour without getting distracted by unwanted bugs.


Bring Water & Food

Florida’s hot weather will make you thirsty. Our boats come with a cooler and some bottled water, but feel free to take your favorite soda with you. Stay hydrated during your tour, and enjoy yourself without feeling thirsty. You can also bring a small snack with you, take some little things to byte, so you don’t feel hungry halfway through your boat ride. Keep the food for yourselves, though, Florida animals have plenty to choose from in their ecosystems!


Don’t Forget Your Camera

Witnessing the wildlife is one thing, bringing some memories home is another. You can take as many pictures as you want during your airboat tour, so make the most of it and take your camera with you. Snap a pic of that rare alligator or any other animals you may come across, or take photos of the beautiful sights the Everglades has to offer.


Bring Your Binoculars

Take your binoculars if you have some. Binoculars can enhance your viewing experience by making you see further in the distance. You can catch more details and see things that are not nearby, making it a truly unique experience all round.


Those are the main essentials you will need to get ready for your ride. If you have other questions about what to take with you, then always ask Captain Wayne Jr during your booking. As long as you bring those items, then you are pretty much set to go! Don’t forget, maybe make a little list yourself, and make sure you have everything needed to enjoy your airboat tours!