Meet Your Captains

Captain Wayne, a native of the Florida Everglades and founder of Airboat rides Hollywood, he grew up in the Florida Everglades and is the original airboat tour company in the area. Now 40 years later the entire family is involved with the business. Captain Wayne and his staff are all certified United States Coast Guard Captains with over 40 years of experience doing airboat tours Hollywood Florida.

A history of Airboat tours Hollywood Florida

Captain Wayne Has been doing airboat rides in the Everglades since his youth. Doing airboat tours in the Everglades and sharing that every day is his passion. Now a family-owned airboat ride company, the entire family is involved. If you are in Hollywood Florida or in the Fort Lauderdale area and want to experience a trip of a lifetime contact us today for the best airboat tours Hollywood Florida. Captain Wayne has more seat time on an airboat than any other airboat ride company out here today. He is the original airboat ride tour company and the quality of his boat tours always reflects that.

Discover the True Everglades

With Captain Wayne, you’re in the safe hands of a passionate professional. You will discover the best of the Everglades. We will take you to the best wildlife spots. You don’t need to settle for amateurs boat rides. You will get the real things from an experienced and passionate boatsman. In short, airboat tours Hollywood are the best way to experience what the Everglades has to offer.

Learn about nature, discover the animals, and the history of the Florida Everglades with Captain Wayne today! Find out about our Airboat Rates. Choose the ride that is best for you. Get yourself ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Why wait for any further, contact us and book a ride that you will remember, and that truly embraces what Florida has to offer.