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What About Safety During Hollywood Everglades Tours?

Florida is famous for its beaches and hot weather, making it a prime vacation spot for many people across America and the rest of the world. But beyond the lovely sand beaches, Florida offers something very unique: the Everglades. It is why when venturing to Florida, Hollywood Everglades tours are so popular. However, venturing into the swamps and possibly being surrounded by alligators can make some of you nervous about your safety. It is a very natural feeling to express, and today we’re here to show you that our airboat rides are safe, as nothing is more important to us than your safety.


Hollywood everglades tours with a USCG Captain

What is this ‘USCG ‘? It sounds like a bunch of letters, but how is this making me feel safe? ‘USCG’ stands for ‘United State Coast Guards,’ and the great news is that captain Wayne is a certified US Coast Guard. He is a professional with not only experience but also qualifications. Not only that, but he also holds a captain’s license issued by the state of Florida.

Qualifications are excellent, but we also mentioned experience. It is because captain Wayne is a native of the Everglades, with over 35 years of bringing people to the Everglades. His Hollywood Everglades tours aren’t the run-of-the-mill tour made off the cuff. He truly knows what he is doing, where to take you, and how to look after you. You can feel confident that you have found the right person that will always show you the absolute best of the Everglades while keeping you safe.


Airboats are safer than traditional boats

While some people love the idea of a fast-paced and all-thrills airboat ride, others can find it rather scary. There are a few things you should know about airboats. First, you are sat down in an elevated position, further from the water’s surface. The second and best feature is that airboats fly above the water’s surface. If an alligator is in the way, we can fly above it without as much of a ‘bump.’ Airboats are the best boats for roaming around the Everglades. You won’t get stuck in plants, and no animal will ever outrun you.


We always prepare our Hollywood Everglades tours

To increase the safety of the airboat, we always prepare the airboat before departure. We review our airboats before Hollywood Everglades tours. Our engines are always kept full and in top condition, and we make standard checks to ensure there are no dangerous cracks or leaks. We also inspect our airboat liners, and we make sure to always have some bottled water in our coolers. As we mentioned previously, captain Wayne is experienced and professional and doesn’t accept half-measures.


Getting prepared for Hollywood Everglades tours

Another critical safety aspect of our Hollywood Everglades tours is to prepare for your airboat tour. By dressing comfortably and practically, you will be in a better place to fully enjoy your Everglades adventure. You will also be safer by wearing sunglasses and sunscreen and staying well-fed and hydrated. Please check this article, where we guide you through how to prepare for your airboat ride. You will find all the necessary advice to ensure you have the best time possible.

If you have any other questions about safety during our Hollywood airboat tours or want to check if you are the right age or have specific requirements, please get in touch with us and ask away. We will get back to you with all the info you need. We look forward to bringing you to the Everglades, and you can rest assured your safety is always at the top of our list.

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