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Are Hollywood Airboat Rides Good for the Environment?

Hollywood airboat rides are a great way for people to discover nature, but as anything that gets close to the environment, people ask us if our approach is green enough. There is a positive trend that sees people wanting to be good for the environment, and this trend is growing rapidly. It applies to transport, production, consumption, and tourism, especially in the Everglades. Let’s talk about the Everglades, the environment, and how we do everything we can to remain eco-friendly at a time when the earth needs it.


A quick background of the Everglades

The Everglades have changed a lot over the years, but not always in a good way for the environment. Human habitats, industries, roads, and dams affect natural water flows and impact nature and local wildlife. The Everglades was once the largest swamp in the United States, but its size has shrunk over time. Hollywood airboat rides must have a negligible environmental impact while increasing awareness of the Everglades and its ecological needs.


Hollywood airboat rides with minimum impact

One of the most critical aspects of airboats is that the propeller stays above the water’s surface, unlike other traditional boats. You might ask how that makes them eco-friendly. The answer is straightforward and inherits directly from how airboats work. The propeller does not come into physical contact with plant and animal life. The airboat’s giant propeller rises above the water and does not damage vegetation or harm the animals underwater. Instead of bumping into the creatures of the Everglades, we slide above them, letting them go about their day. It is why airboats are better, not only from a navigation point of view but also for their minor impact on nature.


A native captain that respects nature

Captain Wayne is an Everglades native and has a lot of love for where he grew up. He is passionate and will provide you with a wealth of information about the wildlife and ecosystems of this uniquely precious part of the world. You will have plenty of fun during Hollywood airboat rides, but beyond the fun, our tours are also educational. We want people to understand why the Everglades needs protecting by exposing its beauty and fragility. By showing you the present and past state of the unique nature reserve, we hope to make you care for its future so that other generations may enjoy it the way we do.

Your captain is also conscientious when encountering animals in the wild. We do not harass these animals. We keep an appropriate distance so they can go about their business unhindered. While it is great that you see those creatures, it is equally essential that we respect their routine, so they are not affected by Hollywood airboat rides. Keeping the proper distance from those animals also ensures your safety on top of their well-being. We strive towards a safe equilibrium so that tourism doesn’t infringe on the natural world.


Hollywood airboat rides are private

We only do private airboat rides, so we don’t pack our airboats to the brim with as many people as possible. We still take larger groups, but having smaller groups generally makes Hollywood airboat rides more peaceful. It allows people to appreciate nature in a calmer atmosphere, and it also means we can keep better control over potential littering and other harmful actions towards nature.

If you’re interested in discovering the Everglades ecosystem with a captain that cares for its environment, feel free to book your ride. Hollywood airboat rides will always try to strike the right balance to ensure we have as little effect on nature as possible.

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