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Hollywood Everglades tours

What About Safety During Hollywood Everglades Tours?

Florida is famous for its beaches and hot weather, making it a prime vacation spot for many people across America and the rest of the world. But beyond the lovely sand beaches, Florida offers something very unique: the Everglades. It is why when venturing to Florida, Hollywood Everglades tours are so popular. However, venturing into the swamps and possibly being surrounded by alligators can make some of you nervous about your safety. It is a very natural feeling to express, and today we’re here to […]

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Hollywood Airboat Rides

Are Hollywood Airboat Rides Good for the Environment?

Hollywood airboat rides are a great way for people to discover nature, but as anything that gets close to the environment, people ask us if our approach is green enough. There is a positive trend that sees people wanting to be good for the environment, and this trend is growing rapidly. It applies to transport, production, consumption, and tourism, especially in the Everglades. Let’s talk about the Everglades, the environment, and how we do everything we can to remain eco-friendly at a time when the […]

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