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Airboat Rides Florida plant life

Airboat Rides Florida – Discover the Everglades Unique Plant Life

The Everglades is famous for its animal population, often conjuring images of alligators and other unusual creatures. However, the swamps and marshes of Florida also boast a unique plant life. Airboat rides Florida allows you to discover features of nature you might have never seen before. Between the common plants and the more endangered plant species, we look at some of the unique plant life the Everglades has to offer.


Discover Everglades trees with Airboat Rides Florida


The mangrove is one of the more common trees found during airboat rides Florida. You will find it predominantly in the coastal areas. This firmly rooted tree acts as a protective barrier between the freshwater marshes and the saltwater of the coast. By blocking waves and ocean currents, the mangrove helps maintain soil by reducing its natural erosion. Get prepared to see a lot of those trees during your airboat ride.

Poisonwood is another tree to look out for, but you should avoid contact with this tree. The distinct teardrop shape of its yellow-colored leaves, which appear to droop from the tree’s branches, is what makes it unique. As its name implies, it is a poisonous tree. You can find the poison in its leaves, bark, and sap. Please do not touch this tree, as it can cause harmful skin inflammation and even lead to painful blisters. It is another example that shows the potential hostility of nature, and it is why you should always ask your captain or local ranger about the dangers of plants in the Everglades.

Cypress trees populate swamps, marshes, and tree islands. Cypress trees have a prominent feature that looks like a knee sticking out up to six feet from their roots. This clever feature, this knee, helps bring oxygen to its roots. It means cypress trees can grow in soils logged with water. Airboat rides Florida is the perfect way to discover cypress trees if you’ve never seen them before.


Witness Everglades flowers with Airboat Rides Florida


The ghost orchid is one of the several orchid species that grow in the Everglades. Its white petals and delicate appearance make it an incredible sight, especially for flower lovers. The ghost orchid lives in swamps, especially near cypress trees and palm trees. It tends to cling to those trees. Here’s a fun fact: the ghost orchid is only pollinated by one species of moth called the sphinx moth. This flower is a must-see if you’re collecting orchids. It is an incredible sight to behold.

The spider lily is a perfect example of a Florida flower you will most likely encounter with airboat rides Florida. Its long white and curved petals make it a beautiful flower. Spider lilies are common as they grow in marshes, hammocks, and swamps. They are present throughout the year, so you will probably see them no matter what time of the year you come and take your tour of the Everglades.


Climb onboard airboat rides Florida to see more amazing plants


You can discover many more plants and flowers on your airboat ride. If you are a plant lover, please let us know while you book your ride. If we know you are looking to snap a pic of a specific plant, we will probably be able to make it happen. After all, our captains know the Everglades as if it was their garden. Airboat Rides Florida is all about making sure you have a great time exploring the Everglades, and we understand people’s love for plants and wildlife. We hope to see you soon as we bring you on a fun, high-speed, but also instructional journey across the Everglades!

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