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The best season for Hollywood Airboat Tours

Florida is well known for its hot weather and its humidity too. The temperature often influences when people decide to visit the Everglades. You will be pleased to know that Hollywood Airboat Tours occur during both the wet and dry seasons. However, it is up to you to decide which season works best for you. Some people prefer the dryer and cooler temperatures, while others go for the real Florida-feeling humidity. Let’s take a look at the wet and dry seasons, so you can decide best when you want to book your airboat tour!


Hollywood airboat tours during the dry season

The dry season is known for its lower temperatures and dryer weather. The precise dates vary depending on the humidity, but it usually runs from December to mid-May. With temperatures ranging from the mid-50 to upper-70 degrees Fahrenheit, the dry season sees relatively low humidity levels. Most tourists often prefer this part of the year as it is milder and easier to handle. The sun and heat are still very much present, so you should still bring your sunscreen along. 


As far as clothing, Jeans/shorts and T-shirts are often the more practical apparel to take with you. Don’t forget your sunglasses too, as the sun can sometimes reduce your visibility. You might also want to consider bringing a poncho with you just in case it rains, but more often than not, the weather will be dry. One thing to note about the dry season is that you will see more tourists because it is more popular. This time of the year brings in many people, so make sure to book your ride in advance!


Hollywood airboat tours during the wet season

Unlike the dry season, the wet season is better known for its rainier weather, higher temperatures, and more humid weather. Again, the dates tend to vary between different years. In general, the wet season takes place from mid-May to November. It is during the wet season that Florida sees the majority of its rainfall. Humidity levels are high, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thunderstorms occur during the summer months on an almost daily basis. Florida sees fewer tourists during this part of the year. 


We recommend dressing comfortably for the weather. Shorts and t-shirts will allow you to handle the heat better, but we strongly recommend you take some waterproof clothes. As mentioned in the dry season, a poncho is usually the ideal way to protect yourself from the rain. Ponchos are a little more breathable and allow more air. It will make for a less sticky feeling while you avoid getting drenched. Because the wet season is less popular, you get more room and more space for yourself. Some people prefer visiting Florida during the wet season as it gives them that authentic Florida experience.


Which season should you choose?

The information above should help you choose which season works best for you. Both seasons come with their advantages and compromises. The dry season is milder and more manageable but also busier. On the other end, the wet season is harsher but also calmer on the tourist front. Either way, whatever season you choose, we are always happy to make you experience the Everglades.


Safety is always important to us, so if the weather is too stormy, we would most likely change the date. We will never take people out under unsafe conditions. It is something you will need to bear in mind. Therefore your best bet is to always check the predictions from the weather services. We don’t shy away from rainy weather, so as long as the conditions are safe, we can reassure you that your airboat tour will go along as planned! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have linked to the weather. We will always get back to you with the info you need! Prepare yourself for an exciting ride, whether during the wet or dry season!

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