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Airboat Rides Hollywood facts you didn't know

Airboat Rides Hollywood Facts You Didn’t Know

We are passionate about the Everglades here at Airboat Rides Hollywood, and we want to share our knowledge of Florida’s most incredible nature reserve. There are so many facts to share and things to learn. You will discover a lot by booking a tour with us. But before you do that, we would like to share some facts you might not know about the Everglades. Learn more about why this is the best place to visit and take an airboat tour.


Fact#1 – Rare and endangered animal species

One of the main features that attract tourists to the Everglades is its incredibly diversified and unique animal population. On your boat tour, you will be able to witness a potential plethora of animals you have never seen before. Discover the American crocodile, the Florida panther, the West Indian manatee, or even the snail kite.


The Everglades is famous for its crocodiles and alligators. It is one of the best places for you to witness them in their natural environment. This in of itself is a genuinely majestic sighting, something you ought to do at least once in your lifetime. Beyond this, there are hundreds of unique bird species, many local fish species, a diversity of unusual mammals, and, as mentioned earlier, more than 50 kinds of reptiles.


Fact#2 – Alligators and crocodiles

As mentioned above, crocodiles and alligators are some of the main attracting features that bring tourists and eco lovers to Airboat Rides Hollywood. Did you know, however, that the Everglades is the only environment where those two creatures coexist? The Everglades is the only place on earth where American crocodiles and American alligators live in the wild.


We empathize with this fact because this makes for a truly unique experience. You cannot find it anywhere else in the world. Our airboat captains will make sure to show you the difference between those species, as most people don’t know what differentiates a crocodile from an alligator. They might look similar, but they are not the same. Finding both in the wild is the best opportunity you will have to encounter and distinguish those two majestic creatures.


Fact#3 – Only half of the Everglades remains

The Everglades is one of the world’s most extensive wetlands, but it is only half the size it used to be. Years of agriculture and urban developments have reclaimed and dried the land of its original water. Without those developments and human intervention, the Everglades would most likely be the world’s most significant wetlands.


Fortunately, this issue is being addressed through many restoration projects, aiming at reconnecting fresh water back to those lands dried by human intervention. Those projects are essential in restoring the Everglades ecosystem and wildlife while also supplying us with drinking water and contributing to the economy.


Fact#4 – Invasive species have changed the ecosystem

Another fundamental change to the Everglade’s ecosystem was human development and by humans introducing non-native animal species to Florida. One of the most prominent examples is the Burmese python. Imported from South East Asia, this reptile has settled in the Everglades, spreading and killing some native animal species.


The Burmese Python remains a key attraction for many tourists to see, but there are now efforts to remove those from the Everglades altogether. The sad reality about invasive species is that they disturb the natural ecosystem to the point of no return. Those invasive creatures can lead to the disappearance of native species, which affects the balance of an already very delicate ecosystem.


Fact#5 – Airboat Rides Hollywood Eco-tours are ever-growing

The best thing about eco-tours such as Airboat Rides Hollywood is that they contribute to this unique ecosystem’s knowledge. Our captains are passionate about the Everglades, and they will teach you a lot about the area and the efforts to restore it. We want to share our passion for this beautiful area with you, and we believe everyone can learn from this experience.


Airboats are the most ecologically sound method of exploring the Everglades. The boat glides on the water, and the propellor never touches the water. Gliding makes airboats very eco-friendly and uncompromising. We are eco-tourism at its finest, and we hope the tourism industry across the world adopts this approach to conserve their heritage.


Book an airboat tour with us today for the best way to visit the Everglades and also the most eco-friendly way. Feel free to ask us any question you may have on our contact form, or call us for more information. We hope to make you discover the Everglades as you’ve never seen it before.

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