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Discover Airboat Rides Hollywood

Airboat Rides Hollywood offers the best private airboat rides in Florida. We have the experience and expertise of the local area. We can bring you to the best and wildest places in the Everglades. You will see some truly amazing wildlife. The Everglades is a remarkable nature reserve where you will get to see some new creatures and wonderful nature sights. Whether you want to spot that Florida Alligator or want to experience the incredibly diversified birdlife, the Everglades have a lot to offer for everyone. There is no better Hollywood airboat ride than with our experienced and certified professional captains.

See The Everglades Like Never Before

The Everglades’ ecosystem is a sight to behold. The great news is that we know the best places to take you. Witness the Everglades like an expert in the local area would, not just like an ordinary tourist. You won’t be just touring around some random areas, instead, we will bring you to the best spots. Don’t miss out on the very best the sightings,  we can bring the best of the Everglades right to you with our Captains that truly know the area’s best spots.

A professional adventure

We can provide you with the best and most professional Everglades adventure. After all, why tour with amateurs when you can get the real deal.  You will enjoy an adventure in the hands of our team of United States Coast Guard certified captains. What more could anyone ever ask for? Safe, certified, competent, and expert; those are the true characteristics of great professional service. We want you to make the most of the Everglades, and we will ensure you do it safely. In other words, don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

A private experience

Touring the coast usually comes with a catch. That is, you often have to be with people you don’t know. It’s part of the nature of tourism and almost feels like an unavoidability. Here is the great news: with us, you don’t need to tour with strangers. We offer private airboat rides so that you can tour in the company you like best. Bring your family or bring your friends. You will have a much better experience and a more intimate time. No point in other tourists ruining it when you can be in the company of the people you enjoy and love. Private airboat tours are the way to do it. More intimate, more immersive, and just a much better time.

Contact us online or call us today at  954-338-4890 to book your private airboat ride. Airboat Rides Hollywood offers the best, most professional, and safest rides of the Everglades.

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